18650 3500mAh Li-ion Cell - Samsung INR18650-35E


Genuine Samsung cells at a great price, nuff said.

  • Samsung INR18650-35E Li-Ion Rechargeable Flat Top 3.7V 3500mAh.  

    This is one of the highest capacity 18650 cells available today, and we have a great price on them. Great for powering RC radio gear, transmitters and other applications where the discharge will be below 13 amps. 

    • Sold individually.

    Manufacturer's Specifications

    Nominal Capacity3500mAh
    Minimum Capacity3350mAh
    Nominal Voltage3.6~3.7V
    Charging Voltage4.2V
    Discharge Current8A Continuous 
    Maximum Discharge Current13A
    Charge Current0.6c 2100mA
    Discharge End Voltage2.65V
    Canister TypeFlatTop
    Diameter18.25mm ± 0.1mm
    Length62.25mm ± 0.15mm
    Weight48g ± 1g

    Below are some results of independent testing.