KST X08+

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The X08+ is still 8mm wide but much torquier making these servos perfect for F5J planes.

  •  The X08+'s larger motor has more torque and is being controlled by a new custom chip (v5) that provides better accuracy, especially around center. The gear train has been refined to reduce backlash and the overall travel has been increased to 120° allowing for high angle flap deployment during precision spot landings.


    Servo TypeDigital
    Voltage Rating3.8V-8.4V
    Gear TypeMetal
    Stall Torque @ 3.8V 2.4 Kg.cm 
    Stall Torque @ 6.0V
    3.85 Kg.cm 
    Stall Torque @ 7.4V
    4.85 Kg.cm
    Stall Torque @ 8.4V
    5.30 Kg.cm
    Dimensions 30.3x23.5x8mm

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