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KST X10-710 Wing Servo - 7.5Kg (104.16 oz in), .09sec - High Voltage


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If the X10 is physically too big and the X08 is too low on torque the X10-710 mini might be just right.

  • The X10-710 is the same as the X10 mini but has standard mounting flanges.

    The X10-710, like it's bigger brother, the X10, sports an improved motor controller that's driving a coreless motor which is in turn is spinning a minimal backlash, hardened steel, dual ball bearing gear train, all cased up in a 7075 aircraft aluminum, billet machined enclosure.

    Servo Type Digital
    Gear Type Hardened Steel
    Stall Torque 5.5Kg.cm (76.38 oz-in)@6v | 6.8Kg.cm (94.43 oz-in)@7.4v | 7.5Kg.cm (104.16 oz-in)@8.4v
    Speed .13sec/60°@6V | .11sec/60°@7.4V | .09sec/60°@8.4V
    Dimensions 30 x 10 x 30mm
    Weight 23g (.98 oz)
    Operating Voltage 6V to 8.4V