Longshot 4 DLG

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The Longshot 4 1.49m discus launch glider. With an RTF weight of 290 grams the long shot is ready for thermal hunting.
  • Let us start by saying the build quality of this kit is very nice. Its nice to see such attention to detail. Beautifully cut cores, clean fuzz free cutting of the glass and carbon fabric and the layup is very nicely applied with extra reinforcements right where you would expect them to be. The molded fuselage is quite stiff and is made from a hybrid kevlar, carbon fabric. The tail boom stiffness is excellent, it will resist launch flex and landing stresses very well. Finally the hardware pack is very complete and of high quality.

    There you have it, a very nice DLG for anyone that is new to DLG's, or a good intermediate ship. Enjoy!

    Please contact us if you have a color preference. 

    Here is a video from one of our customers that built the plane with zero dihedral and a shortened tail boom for use as a light lift slope ship. As you can see he has a lot of fun with his Longshot on the slopes:Buildi

    Building instructions can be found HERE and photos HERE.

    Airfoil AG xx (Prof. Mark Drela)
    Wingspan 1.49m, 58.6"
    Length 1130mm, 44.48"
    RTF Weight 290g
    Controls Aileron, Elevator, Rudder
    Construction Foam Core Wing
    Tail Type Cross