M3 Stick Ends

4.75 8

 Fits STOCK Taranis & Q X7 Gimbals; Does Not Fit the M7 or M9 hall effect gimbals. Does NOT fit Horus or X9E.

  • Super duper, very "sticky" stick ends, available in 4 different styles and colors. Featuring a nicely machined no slip surface. Definitely one of the better stick end designs I've used. 


    Both the Lotus, Grand Lotus and the Umbrella are super grippy sticks. Great for thumbing it, or using hybrid grips; while the "pole" on the other hand, is smaller in diameter almost smooth on the sides and the top, and makes a great pinch stick.

    • Fits stock Taranis and Q X7 gimbals
    • Does not fit Horus, X 9E, M9 or M7 gimbals.
    • Sold in pairs