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Mini Q

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A small package that offers a ton of fun!
  • I'd like to start off with a response from one of our first pilots:

    "OMG!! The Mini Q flew awesome today! The winds were 22-25 mph today and the Mini Q was on fire. It is a ripper. Really fun plane, handles well and my landings were awesome. You just have to slow it down on the backside and it lands slow and easy."

    "The guys flying them are tickled pink by how nice they fly."

    I'm not sure I can explain this plane much better. This is a FUN plane that works really well and has a great price. We are really pleased with the performance and ease of flight. 

    These planes are very easy to build, just mounting 2 servos and linkage. It is important to have slop free servos and linkage. We like the KST X08H servos. They fit the wood trays and are very accurate servos. 

    The Mini Q can fly in rather light slope lift, and they have also flown well with no ballast with 35mph winds. 

    Don't have a slope nearby? No problem, the Mini Q has a removable nose and fire wall for electric flight. She will not need much power to fly, probably 150 watts would be fun, but we think a lot of power would be fun also. This plane can zip along pretty quick, so prop for speed!

    The Mini Q is is what we call a "plank" design, that means it flies very efficiently when dialed in just right, but if you are a little off on your center of gravity or elevator throws, you will have a very difficult time. This is the nature of any Plank design. You hit that sweet spot and you are rewarded! What is that sweet spot? CG is 15 to 25mm, elevons up at 3mm from center, and the throws should be about 2mm up/down for elevator, and roll are 8mm up/down.

    Kits include removable canopy, removable nose cone, motor mount for electric motors, removable vertical fin, servo covers and control horns and linkage bits. Wooden servo trays fit KST X08H servos nicely. 

    We have a discussion about this plane on our forum:


    NOTE: Numbers in the photos show the top and bottom of paint designs.

    Can the Mini Q DS? Bruce seems to think so:

    Length 42cm (16.5")
    Wingspan 80cm (32")
    Weight 180g (6.3oz)