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Pluto Hand Launch Glider Kit


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26.5 inch span with a removable wing.

  • Here is a really easy way to get into the wonder of hand launch gliders! This great little flyer is the ARF of the chuck glider world. Literally this glider can be built in tens of minutes instead of hours. It is a built up balsa construction where most of the work has been completed for you. You need only to do the final assembly and decorating. But there's a rub..... The instructions are written in Czech; However the pictures are in english (wink wink) and should be all you need to complete the aircraft. 

    No tools are required for building just some CA and a few pins. The kit contains pre-cut and partially pre-built parts of the fuselage wing tail feathers, nose weight, sandpaper and the instruction sheet.

    Wingspan675mm (26.5in)
    Length470mm (18.5)
    Weight40g (1.4oz)