Power HD R20 Servo - 20Kg/cm (277.75 oz/in), 0.085sec - High Voltage


.085 seconds and 277 ounces of torque at 7.4 volts.

  • One of the advantages of coreless motors is their ability to change direction very quickly, due to the low rotational mass of their armatures. The motor spins titanium and aluminum gears that are supported by bronze bushings and dual ball bearings on the output. The main body of the servo is machined from aluminum and houses the motor, potentiometer and digital decoder / ESC board. 

    Servo Working Frequency 1520µs / 333hz
    Servo Motor Type Coreless Motor
    Servo Type Digital
    Gear Type Titanium and Aluminum
    Stall Torque 17Kg.cm (236.09 oz-in)@6v | 20Kg.cm (277.75 oz-in)@7.4v
    Speed 0.10sec/60°@6V | 0.085sec/60°@7.4V
    Dimensions 40 x 20 x 39mm (1.57 x 0.79 x 1.53in)
    Weight 60g / 2.12 oz
    Operating Voltage 6 - 8.4V