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Quick Grip

Quick Grip

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  • Quick Grip

Quick Grip

Quick Overview

Our new favorite glue. From the same makers as our Foam Tac glue comes another wonderful new adhesive!

Regular Price: $5.95

Special Price $5.71

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Quick Grip  2oz tube

Permanent Adhesive

Bonds wood, glass, leather, metal, plastics, ceramics and more.
Dries crystal clear and is fast acting.
Stays flexible, and is never brittle.

(Not recommended for EPS or EPO foams, though probably fine with EPP foams. Not tested yet.)

Comments from Wayne:

After falling in love with Beacon's Foam-Tac glue, we had to try their Quick Grip for non-foam projects, and we are impressed! This is now our go to glue. I even fixed the hem on my wife's pants the other day.

It tacks quick, and fully cures in a a very reasonable amount of time. You have enough time to make adjustments. Glue joints remain stroing, but are not brittle. This means the glue joint does not break in a rough impact like CA or even some fast setting epoxies. This is now our favorite glue for mounting servos and other radio gear. Only a small amount of glue is needed for most projects.

I recently mounted a vertical fin on my combat wing as an experiment. This plane has always had the fin ripped off during combat. Well, not anymore. And best of all Quick Grip adheres to the laminating film on my combat planes! The only other glue I have found that can do that is Foam-Tac. 

Give it a try, if you are not happy, return it for a full refund! That is how much we like this glue. 

  1. nothing faster or stronger for epp. review by michael clyde on 11/19/2013

    note - do not use on extruded polystyrene (owens pink, dow blue, depron or dollartree type foams) as it will make a gooey puddle out of the foam.
    ON EPP, if used as a contact type cement ie... apply glue to both surfaces push together and pull apart, then blow on the glue for 10 seconds or so.(this type of glue sets up due to chemical evaporation, the more air moving across it the faster it sets up) you do this 4 times in a 1 minute time frame and the last time you pull it apart you worry it might tear the foam. i have been able to fly 10 minutes after using this glue in this manner. as with all epp joints you should first clean both sides with alcohol first. if you thin this with some acetone you can apply it to high stress areas like wing roots, leading edge of wings and the bottom fuselage edge of profile foamies and it will 'rubberize' the foam so it won't tear near as easy.(slopers trick)
    other than wallyworld, aloft hobbies has just about the best online price around.

    michael clyde

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