Servo Connector Crimping Tool

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SB-225D Full cycle ratchet crimping tool for making servo extensions, etc.

  • If the idea of being able to make your own custom length servo leads appeals to you, you might be interested in this crimping tool.  I used to think a crimping tool was a waste of money.  I used to use pliers when crimping and got , ummm,, well, mostly, "usable?" results.  What can I say - the crimp tool does it better. The crimped connectors look factory made and the wire will not easily pull out.

    SB-225D Full cycle ratchet crimping tool with interchangeable die set. For use with 18, 22, 24 and 30 gauge wires. Crimps D-Sub, Open Barrel, and 3 and 4 pin Molex connectors.

    • Specifications:
    • Model number: SB-225D
    • The frame is made from heat treated, mild carbon steel.
    • Dies are made from SAE J404C alloy steel.
    • Black oxide finish
    • Weight: 390g
    • Crimping Range: AWG 18-22,24-30