Serafin 1.9 Meter

The Serafin by Blejzyk is a high quality plane capable of impressive performance.

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  • All Blejzyk kits feature beautifully sheeted and fully shaped and sanded wings and tails. Beneath the wood sheeting you will find a sandwich of foam cores and a layer of fiberglass for added strength in key areas. The epoxy fiberglass fuselages get the full treatment too, they are very well made with an eye towards strength and keeping weight down. Carbon tow has been added in high stress areas. We like that the designer has given us room for radio gear and ballast or motor batteries, all the while keeping the fuse slender and sleek. Most kits feature a slip on nose cone for a very easy radio install. 

    All of our Serafins now have V-tails and Flaps.


    Kit Contents:

    • Fuselage: composite made of epoxy resin, fiberglass, carbon and kevlar
    • Wings: based on epoxy resin, wood veneer, balsa wood, expanded polystyrene, fiberglass, carbon and kevlar
    • Tail: selected balsa wood, hinges in elevators need to be glued.
    • Accessories: all that you need to assemble your model: bolts, nuts, horns, plywood, etc.
    • Manual
    Airfoil -
    Wingspan 1.9M, 74.8"
    Wing Area -
    Length 937mm, 36.8"
    Empty Weight 370 grams, 13 oz
    RTF Weight 630 grams, 22 oz
    Controls Aileron, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder
    Construction Fiberglass Fuselage
    Tail Type Vee
    Recommended Setup

    Instruction manual for the Fen, a very similar kit: click here