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FrSky Smart Port Mini Lipo Voltage Sensor (MLVSS)

3.76 25

A miniaturized version of FrSky's FLVSS without the OLED display.

  • Introducing the MLVSS (Mini Lipo Voltage Sensor w/ Smartport). FrSky miniaturized the FLVSS by removing the OLED screen and reconfiguring the remaining circuit into a more compact design that has reduced the size and weight of the original by approximately half. This appeals to those of us who have smaller, or weight critical aircraft. Other than the absence of the OLED screen, the functionality of the MLVSS is identical to that of the FLVSS, with the exception that you cannot connect two of these in series to measure voltages in excess of 6s. 

      A word of Caution: The MLVS has no polarity protection. Take care, to ensure you plug the battery in correctly. If the battery is plugged in backwards, it can potentially damage anything connected to the receiver, as well as the MLVSS. 

      Dimensions 43 x 19 x 8mm
      Weight 2.8g
      Operating Temperature -10 - 70°C
      Current Consumption 10mA
      Module Compatibility Smart Port enabled receivers, such as X8R, X6R, X4R, etc.
      Battery Compatibility 2s - 6s (6 - 25V)