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Soldering Jig - KT1802B

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The RC Jig is a very handy tool for holding connectors when soldering them.

  • This Solder Jig is a must have for the workshop and field box!!

    If you have ever attempted to solder connectors then you already know how valuable this tool is. Our solder jig is made of Bakelite Resin and supports all of the common RC solder style connectors. Includes a support base and fully adjustable "Helping Hand" to hold wires in the correct position while soldering. End the frustration and add this to your tool box!

    High mechanical strength
    Corrosion resistant
    Easy to clean
    "Helping Hand" wire holder 

    Holds the following connectors (and then some):
    Banana Jack0.8 to 10.0 mm male & female gold connector
    Deans Ultra Plug, MINI Deans Plug, MPX Plug, Traxxas Plug, Deans 3 pin connector, Deans 4 pin, Tamyia Connectors, EC3, EC5 and many more!

    NOTE: 9-16-20 - This product has been improved with better materials etc. It will look slightly different then shown here, but you are n ow getting a better product and it even costs a bit less now. :)