Taranis Q X7/S OpenTX User Manual

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A professional manual for the FrSky Taranis Q X7/S & OpenTX 2.2. Highly recommended if you are new to FrSky radios, recommended even if you have experience with FrSky Radios. 

  • The Taranis Q X7/S Open TX 2.2 user manual is intended be a hands on, in the field or in the shop reference guide.

    Author, Lothar Thole has done an excellent job presenting the Q X7/S and OpenTX in a comprehensive and concise format, rich with graphics and diagrams, this user manual is exactly what so many of us have been waiting for. 

    While we are all grateful for the plethora of information available online dedicated to the learning and use of OpenTX and the FrSky radios; having a printed manual with everything presented logically and in order is a much better approach.

    The Layout of the manual is designed to introduce you to the basic features and control layouts of the X7/S and then progressively teach you how to navigate to and through, the various menu fields. Once familiar with navigation you go on to the real meat and potatoes of the OpenTX system. The author spends time with you, going over the details of every control and function and then presents you with examples that you can try on your own. In the later chapters you are given hands-on programming tutorials to learn and practice with. For the RC enthusiast who wants to take the flexibility of OpenTX to the next level, there is a chapter on learning to create custom functions for the X7/S using LUA script. In the LUA script chapter you will be introduced to how LUA script functions and be presented with example programs you can work with.

    Whether you want to become an OpenTX power user or would just like to have a reference manual in the field, the Taranis X7/S User Manual is worth its weight in gold.

    Spiral bound so it does not spring closed and lose your page, and professionally printed on heavy, gloss stock.

    This manual is a NON-profit project: 

    This manual needs all of our help to survive. As OpenTX and the Taranis continue to evolve this manual will be periodically updated and re-released, so it remains a viable tool within the RC community.  Please, do not copy, reproduce or in any way release the information contained within. 

  • Customer Reviews

    A must have for anyone wanting a clearer understanding of OpenTX and Q X7 and X7

    Being somewhat acquainted with OpenTX and Companion with my Turnigy 9XR I knew there was more I would want to learn. This manual seemed like a good accessory to my New Q X7S transmitter form Aloft. Boy am I glad I got it as it cleared up several questions I had and answered some I didn't know I had. It also includes some tips which I found very useful. Review by Rick • (Posted on 3/5/2018)

    Must have Reference

    Excellent user manual. Has explanations of all the transmitter features and functions and very importantly, gives step-by-step examples of programming for a 4 channel glider and flying wing, as well as other useful examples. The examples included illustrate the OpenTX input-mixer-output programming philosophy, and while you may not need a 4 channel glider or flying wing to be programmed, the steps to create that programming are very educational and revealing. Be prepared to invest a couple of hours with the examples, but the time spent is well worth it. You will get so much more out of the QX7, and be able to confidently program the transmitter with less of those "uncertain" programming moments.

    There are some pages that need to be updated, (an additional image of the hall-effect gimbal adjustments, for example), and certain OpenTX Companion procedure steps, but that does not detract from the usefulness of the manual.

    I consider this manual to be a "top-notch source". The next useful resource would be the open-tx.org manual on their website, followed by lots of scattered informational resources like rcgroups and youtube.

    This is a great "must have" item to purchase with the QX7. You will not regret it. Review by nioa • (Posted on 1/22/2018)

    Almost makes it seem simple!

    I know. You were warned before bought the tx but thought you could figure it out. I might have eventually, but this makes it soooo much easier and quicker. The programming tutorials are invaluable, giving you the hands-on experience and confidence to set up a model and go fly it and then try adjustments just to see what happens. It's the best $15 I ever spent. Thanks Lothar Thole and Aloft Hobbies. Well done. Review by Gary • (Posted on 11/18/2017)


    I am only half way through my read/study of the Taranis manual, but
    I am so impressed I though I would let you know you produced an outstanding
    work. I am a retired scientist and professional engineer who has reviewed, read,
    used, enough technical documents to fill a library. Rarely have I come across a
    work so well constructed. From the super image of the Taranis on the cover, the
    quality paper, ring binding, clear and useful illustrations, helpful index, etc., this
    manual is perhaps the best of its type I have ever seen.

    As a relatively new newcomer to hobby quadcopters, I wish I have bought the
    manual immediately when I noted its availability. I was put off by the cost and my
    less that stellar experience with other user manuals. After getting tired of hunting
    on the net for answers to questions about the Taranis, I decided to give your
    manual a go. Really, I am impressed. I salute you for an outstand effort and a
    wonderful and very useful manual. It's worth every penny, and more. Review by John • (Posted on 10/26/2017)


    Very good manual. It can be used for hardware and software porpouses.

    The problem for me is that the manual is only in english lenguaje. I am from Spain, Europe, but the technical english is easy for me.
    In additon, I have the Taranis Plus also, and of course, I have bought the Taranis Plus manual. Review by Paco. • (Posted on 10/17/2017)

    Great resource

    What a great resource, well laid out, following along a setup is one thing, but understanding what you are doing is different. I'm appreciating open TX and this Q X7 more, very powerful. Review by Dan • (Posted on 9/28/2017)

    Excellent resource and well indexed

    I agree with the first reviewer 100%. This is a great resource for the Q X7 and OpenTX. Well organized and indexed so info is easy to find. Review by SublimeLayers • (Posted on 7/23/2017)

    What a fantastic support tool to have at your disposal.

    If you buy one of these radios and don't pick up this manual at the same time then it is your own fault if you have any setup questions. Just an excellent publication with loads of illustrations and what looks like a useful guide to get a radio up and running. I've done Open TX before and found it interesting to learn but if I would have had this manual it would have been a cake walk. I presume the other Open TX manual is as well done as this one so if you don't have an X7 radio then you ought to buy at least one of these manuals. What an excellent support tool for a very good product. Review by Barry • (Posted on 4/10/2017)

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