The Tom 1.7 meter by Blejzyk

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Sleek and sporty with a little more wing area than the 1.5.

  • The Tom 1.7m. Sporty with a lighter feel! 

    Like most of the Blejzyk line, the Tom features an efficient S 7012 airfoil that guarantees excellent flight characteristics in both light and heavier wind conditions. Having more wing area than the Tom 1.5, the Tom 1.7 is an elegant flyer with a more floaty feel.

    All Blejzyk kits feature beautifully sheeted and fully shaped and sanded wings and tails. Beneath the wood sheeting you will find a sandwich of foam cores and a layer of fiberglass for added strength in key areas. The epoxy fiberglass fuselages also get the full treatment, they are very well made with an eye towards strength and keeping weight down.

    The woodwork on these wings is pure artwork! Beautiful wood, live hinges on the ailerons, and very tight gaps for less drag. Everyone that examines the wings are impressed.


    This package includes:

    •  Composite fuselage, made of epoxy resin, fiberglass, carbon and kevlar
    •  Wings - made with epoxy resin, wood veneer, balsa wood, expanded polystyrene, fiberglass, carbon and kevlar, with live hinges on ailerons
    •  Horizontal stabilizer and rudder - selected balsa wood, live hinges 
    •  Includes all of the hardware that you need to assemble your model: bolts, nuts, levers, plywood and pushrods etc.

    This kit does not contain motor mount, electrical or electronic components and glue.

    Here is a handy build thread for this model:

    Airfoil S 7012
    Wingspan 1.7meter / 67 inches
    Wing Area -
    Length 990mm / 39 inches
    Empty Weight 450
    RTF Weight -
    Controls Aileron, Elevator, Rudder
    Construction Fiberglass Fuselage, Foam Core Wing
    Recommended Setup


    • 3s Emax GT2820 1460kv
    • 4s Emax GT2826 710 or 1090kv

    High Performance Servos:

    • KST DS 135MG


    • Emax BL Heli 60amp or equivalent