Top Model Wing Locks

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An easy and convenient wing connection method.

  • On some aircraft fuselages it is not practical to use internal thumb screws or other fastening systems to hold the wings to the fuselage. In these cases, tape is often used.  While it works well, it is a bit of a pain to apply and remove.

    Here's another option for your consideration. 

    The Wing Lock, made by Top Model.

    Reference the pictures above and see that the locking peg has been glued into the wing root and that it snaps into the locking receiver which is fastened into the fuselage. A small plastic wedge has been included that makes wing removal as easy as popping them off the fuselage.

    The set comes with:

    • 2 Locking Pegs
    • 2 Locking Receivers
    • 1 Wing Removal Wedge