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Top Model XPower F3426/7 Storm 1250KV

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These motors have all the benefits of an Outrunner, but with no spinning bell to wrap your wires in! Great for narrower fuselages where a conventional Outrunner will not fit.

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  • The Top Model XPower F3426/7 STORM is just like any other "Outrunner" brushless motor, except the otherwise exposed rotating bell housing is housed in a can, just like an "Inrunner" motor, Thus making it a "Canned Outrunner' motor. The main advantage is not having to worry about the motor leads getting caught in the bell, which really isn't good at all. Another advantage is that they can fit in narrower fuselages as the motor wires come straight out of the motor rear. This particular motor is suitable for F5J motor gliders not exceeding 2800 grams.


    Number of Cells (LiPo)3 - 4s
    Max Current Draw70 Amps (60 seconds)
    Internal Resistance23.6 mOhm
    Recommended Prop10x7-12x6