Portable Soldering Iron

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Fix it in the field with this battery powered soldering iron with an XT60 battery connector.

  • This is a 30 watt battery powered soldering iron that runs on a 3s or 4s lipo. 3s is recommended for long sessions, while 4s works better on chilly days, or for resoldering larger connections and is also fine for quick repairs.

    Run time of this iron varies with capacity and the age of your battery. Our test yielded a solid 24 minutes of run time on a 3s 1600mAh lipo charged to 4.10V per cell and discharged to 3.8V per cell.  Not too shabby.

    While not necessary, we like to use a lipo checker to monitor cell voltage while using this iron to help prevent battery damage due to over discharge.

    We carry a number of replacement tips for this iron.  If your interested click the related products link below.