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XT90-S with Spark Suppression

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Stop the Arcing! 

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  • Here's a smartly designed, new XT90 plug that eliminates sparking when you plug in your flight battery. It protects sensitive electronics from voltage spikes and your XT90 plugs from spark erosion.

    Contained within the female connector on the positive receptacle is a 5.6Ω resistor that makes contact with the positive post a split second before the two plug halves are fully inserted. In that split second the resistor conducts, but limits the inrush current to the capacitors in your ECS's, eliminating sparks and voltage spikes.

    The plugs are of a very good quality and include the new style finger grips / strain reliefs. They plug in and unplug smoothly without too much or too little pressure.

    The plugs are sold in pairs of one female and one male.

    Dimensions 49x21x10mm (1.92x.82x.39in)
    Weight 16g (.56oz)
    Amp Rating 90 Amps Continuous