Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit

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The Boxer, a better carrier for your aircraft.

A convenient stand for keeping your gliders off the ground at the flying site. Sized to carry up to 5 mid sized slope, thermal ships or whatever you can fit into it. 

We designed these for our own use at Aloft, after a few visiting customer's tried to buy them, we knew we were going in the right direction.

Our design goals were simple. We wanted a single tote to carry several gliders for a day of flying. We wanted to:

  • store planes at home
  • carry planes to the car
  • transport it in the car
  • carry it to the slope site
  • and be able to secure the tote to avoid mishaps from driving or wind.

There is nothing worse than having your gliders in a nice tote if the tote is just going to fall over and bust your tails when your drive around a corner or a gust of wind shows up. We designed the Boxer with a large footprint for great static stability, adding your favorite tie down and some tent stakes you can easily secure the Boxer to the ground or to the hard points in your vehicle. 

We have really been able to clean up the shop by loading up some Boxers with our gliders and hanging them some rope attached to the handle. I have one hanging from my garage via a bike hook. Great way to get more planes in less space.

When loaded the Boxer will remain level when picked up. If you put a transmitter or other heavy items in the optional storage box at the top, the weight will increase the angle of the planes making them more secure in the Boxer's slots.

The carrier is constructed of laser cut plywood, the handle which is made from very strong PVC pipe; and some 3D printed endcaps. A roll of squishy black closed cell foam tape is included to grip and cushion your models in the slots.

The carrier is available in two versions. The Standard version is the the basic carrier; and the Deluxe version adds 3 additional storage cubbies that can hold drinks, airplane parts / batteries and even your transmitter. 

We think you will like this as much as we do! Please keep in mind that it is not designed for models with really big fuselages or landing gear. Primary focus is 60" and smaller gliders. Basically if you are able to walk around with and fit the model into your vehicle with the wings attached, then the Boxer might be just the ticket for you!

The kit comes flat-packed and ready to assemble, you just need to provide the glue.

Here's a link to the build instructions.

Made right here at Aloft in the USA.

Extra credit if you know why we call this the Boxer.  

Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit
Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit
Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit
Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit
Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit
Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit
Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit
Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit
Boxer Aircraft Carrier Kit

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