Tungsten Shot

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Tungsten Polished Shot also known as Tungsten Super Shot is used in RC hobby for ballast and making nose weights when space is critical. The higher density than lead means you can save space. density:18g/cc (Lead shot is about 11 g/cc, a 40% improvement) Great for those tight spaces!

Grade: 95WNiFe density 18g/cc

Sold by the ounce.

We offer this in shot size #9 with a diameter of 2.0mm +/-0.03. This is one of the smallest sizes of shot. 

Other uses are:

  • loading shells in shotguns as a non-toxic option that penetrates better than all other options
  • Ballast for pinewood derby cars

The downside of tungsten is the price, it does get expensive fast, but a quick look around the internet shows we may be the lowest price for this shot, some 'discount' suppliers selling for over twice the price!

Tungsten Shot

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