Veloce by VP Models

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Veloce by VP Models
Veloce by VP Models
Veloce by VP Models
Veloce by VP Models
Veloce by VP Models
Veloce by VP Models
Veloce by VP Models
Veloce by VP Models

A quick model for slopes, recreation, or a semi-hotliner. But this one is special as it has a wide range of speed. Check out this video to get an idea, speedy when you want, but floaty for a nice landing. 

The model is intended for fast flying, acrobatics, and simply for fun. Very fun and nimble on the slopes.

We are pleased to offer the VP Models as they are true masters of the XPS bagged wing construction methods. The results of this method are very competitive models with a very attractive price point. With a focus on the competition pilot but priced in a range where non-professionals can enjoy them.

The one-piece wing is mounted on the fuselage from the top on the centering protrusions and secured with two screws.

The wing and tail surfaces are vacuum laminated to an XPS core. The surface is made of carbon Biaxial fabric, underneath unidirectional carbon fibers in exposed places. The biaxial fabric gives the model excellent torsional stiffness and significantly higher surface resistance compared to models with glass fabric. Unidirectional carbon fibers ensure excellent longitudinal stiffness. Overall it is very stiff.

The hull is one-piece and is made of carbon fabric with reinforcement in exposed areas. For fans of pure slope flying, there is also an engineless version of the fuselage.

Recommended equipment:

Motor: Sizes 2826, 2830, KV 1300-2000
Propellers: 8/4, 9/5, 10/6 according to KV motor, cone 32mm
Batteries: Li-pol 600-800mAh
Controller: 25A and above with BEC 3A and above
Aileron servos: KST X08H, MKS DS65K (8mm max width)
Tail servos: KST X08, KST X06

Basic model settings:
Ailerons: D/R1 -4mm /+ 2mm, D/R2 -7mm /+ 4mm,
Elevator: +/-4mm
Rudder: +/-15mm

Subtrim ailerons:
speed +2mm, normal +-0, thermals + 4

Basic center of gravity:
62-72mm from the leading edge.

Span: 1500mm
Length: 1030mm
Flying weight: 600-700g - depending on variant and equipment.
Wing Area: 23 dm2

**We also stock transport bags for this model.**