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Radio Control for your Simulator!

Note: The XSR-SIMs now have ACCST V2 firmware, so will talk with any updated or newer FrSky transmitter using the D16 protocol. If you have an older radio the firmware can be downgraded to V1 but is a bit tricky to do.

Is it ironic that we need to plug a USB cable into our "RC" transmitters to fly in a computer sim?

We think so, and that's why we asked FrSky to build this for us; and they did!

The XSR-SIM provides an additional degree of freedom by allowing us to get rid of the USB cable. It functions very similarly to a Rx, in this case, an XSR. It works like this; create a model in your Tx specifically for the simulator and then bind that model to the XSR-SIM. Instead of sending signals to the servos, the XSR-SIM sends signals into the computer via the USB port.

Setting up the XSR-SIM is about as difficult as setting up a simple 4 channel aircraft. Of course, you can make it more complicated if you wish, as the XSR-SIM has eight proportional channels and eight switched channels to play with.

So kick back, fly your sim, and don't worry about the cord.

FrSky has made a helpful "how to setup" video you can see here.


  • Compact design
  • Low power requirements: typically 55mA
  • Compatible with FrSky transmitters and module systems (Mode D16)
  • Compatible with popular simulators (Velocidrone, DRL, LiftOff, Freerider, HotProps, etc.) Does not work with PhoenixRC
  • 8 proportional channel and 8 switch channel output (set on the transmitter side)
  • Firmware upgradable (through the S.Port)


  • Dimensions: 48.2x19.1x9.2mm
  • Weight: 6.2g
  • Compatible with FrSky Transmitters and FrSky modules.

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