Forza 2.5 by Aeroic

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Forza 2.5 by Aeroic
Forza 2.5 by Aeroic
Forza 2.5 by Aeroic
Forza 2.5 by Aeroic
Forza 2.5 by Aeroic

The Aeroic Forza 100 is a 2.5 meter glider with it's higher aspect ratio wing, re-profiled airfoils and sine wave spar designed by Dr James Hammond.

Wayne, the Owner of Aloft Hobbies, lists the Forza as one of his favorite slope ships. "The Forza as a perfect balance of size, range of performance, ease of flight and energy retention all wrapped up in a beautiful package. It is a rare model that checks every box for me. I love that it can fly both FAST and slow and performs great slope acro without fear of anything unexpected. She is large enough for great visibility and impact, but not so large you are afraid to fly her. The big flight surfaces reward with excellent and precise control, and the flaps allow easy non-event landings. Fuselage is roomy without being big and ugly. I also love the structure of this plane, they are built strong and built to last, one look at that wing joiner will tell you all you need to know.  I just love the balance of this glider, a perfect mix of attributes. I ALWAYS take her to the slope with me."

Is it fast? Yep... The Forza can carry about 2lbs of ballast fully loaded. The massive wing spar carries the G's like a champ; yes it's highly aerobatic. Snapping through turns and pulling straight up out of dives is simply a joy, as the acceleration, energy retention and tracking are all excellent.

The flight envelope is described as a fast "all rounder"; making good use of marginal lift on light days and displaying excellent energy retention when ballasted for high energy days. TheForza 100 sports a relatively high aspect ratio. This gives a good balance between all out speed and agility in turns but also distributes lift more evenly over the 2.5 meter wing. This improved lift distribution allowing better performance when flying with lower wing loading, while simultaneously providing increased tip stall resistance.

The wings on all of Aeroic's models are the result of decades of model design and refinement, There is no other models with this planform or airfoils. And this refinement really shows in the performance.

The "sinusoidal" wave spar creates a very strong and torsional wing:

Think lower weight and higher mechanical stiffness, it's a win win.
The ailerons and flaps are top driven and bottom hinged allowing short, ie. stiff, pushrods between the servos and control surfaces. The servo for the elevator is located in the aft end of the boom, again allowing for a very short and stiff push rod; and the rudder uses a traditional pushrod. All control surfaces are provided with wipers (gap seals). 
The Forza 100 is available in two layups, the standard and the Super Sport. The super sport, has additional material in the layup providing greater stiffness for performance flying.
  • Ailerons
  • Flaps
  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Wingspan: 2.5 m (100”)
  • Length: 1.23m (48.5")
  • Wing area: 46.66dm² (723.3 Sq.”)
  • Center of gravity: 90 mm
  • Flight weight glider: 1900 gr.
  • Airfoil: JH3680 - JH3675 - JH3670

Recommended Servos:

  • Ailerons: KST HS08 x2
  • Flaps: KST X10 mini x2
  • Elevator: KST HS08 
  • Rudder: KST HS08

Detailed instructions are located HERE.