Micro Gentle Lady Kit

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Micro Gentle Lady Kit
Micro Gentle Lady Kit
Micro Gentle Lady Kit

If you have been around the hobby you have seen a Gentle Lady. These big 2 meter trainers are great fun and fly really well. Now imagine an alien ship landed and zapped your Gentle Lady with his shrink ray? You would get the Micro Gentle Lady, a perfect size to toss around the school yard, local slope or keep in the back seat of your car for a quick lunchtime thermal session. 

Since the chances of an alien ship landing is pretty low, Red over at Alien Technologies was good enough to license their kit to Aloft Hobbies. We are excited to produce these kits right here at Aloft Hobbies.

The Micro Gentle Lady is truly Micro with just a 30 inch wing span and an all up weight under 2 ounces! Yep, you read that right. You will need some truly tiny radio gear. You can use something like a Parkzone style brick, or you can use the 1.7 gram servos we have here at Aloft and a micro receiver that works with your radio system. 

Micro Gentle Lady kit includes:
Built from laser cut 1/32", 1/16" & 1/8" Balsa and 1/64" Ply
Full set of Plans
0.5mm Pushrod wire
Laser cut control horns
Carbon Fibre dowels for wing hold downs
Magnet and washer for hatch hold down
and 6 wing rubber bands
Power Pod kit for 8mm DD or similar motor is also included.

We even supply a Display Stand with each kit. Let's face it, what would look cooler sitting on your desk?

Please note that this is a kit, you get to assemble the kit, but don't worry, these are fun and pretty darn fast to build.

Instructions can be found here.

Span 762mm (30in)
All Up Weight 50g (1.75oz) Glider Form
No of Servos 2
Controls Rud, Ele
Battery 1s

This kit is produced under license from Red Jensen of Alien Technologies.