MudLED RGB LED Controller V2

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Put on an a dazzling aerial light show with this easy to use LED controller.

Your time at the flying field doesn't have to end when the sun goes down. Introducing the MudLED RGB controller. This small, powerful device is easy to use and is WiFi programmable with your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

The easy to use interface can run as little as 1 or as many as 1000 RGB LEDs to create any pattern you desire or even multiple patterns on a single strip. 

That by itself would be pretty cool, but MUDLED doesn't stop there, you can connect to your receiver and change the program pattern via an open channel on your radio.

We suggest using the 12 volt strip LEDs for better power usage. 

You can find an easy to follow guide on how to wire and use the MudLED controller HERE


  • For a power supply you can run either 12V or 5V supply for the LED strip. See below for the different types - the voltage depends on the LEDs you have. The MudLED must be powered from 5V and NOT 12V.
  • For a 5V supply you can use any common RC UBEC. You need to budget about 50mA per LED as this is roughly what they draw each when displaying full brightness white (so 100 LEDs would be 5A). After 100 LEDs we would really recommend moving to 12V, as the voltage can sag down a 5V strip to where you need to inject 5V at multiple locations along the strip which is a pain.
  • For a 12V supply a 3S lipo works great without any issues. For 12V you need to budget just 15mA per LED.
  • Any of the WS281x family LED strips are supported and up to 500 LEDs. 
  • WS2812, WS2812B, and WS2813 are all 5V LEDs. The WS2813s are newer and are able to handle a single LED failing without the rest of the strip failing.
  • WS2815 are the 12V version, and these are also able to handle an LED failing. (Available from Aloft for a great price, see below.)
MudLED RGB LED Controller V2
MudLED RGB LED Controller V2

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