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Magnus 60 Carbon

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An exciting, molded sport glider that will draw a crowd!

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    From TJIRC, the makers of the popular Mini Q comes the Magnus 60 sport slope glider! We've been waiting for this one ever since we saw videos of it. It's relatively small with its 1.5 meter wingspan and 900mm length and easy to store and transport due to its 2 piece main wing and bolt on horizontal stabilizer.


     It's made with a new epoxy composition which is even harder and tougher than standard epoxy. In the air this thing is FAST, it really slips through the air and can perform plenty of aerobatics and its carbon fiber reinforced airframe makes it more suitable for DS pilots who have a need for speed. Overall, this glider is sure to turn heads at the slope as it whistles on by.

    For more detail and flight videos, see the build thread HERE


    Wingspan1500mm (59")
    Length900mm (35")