Aero-naut LT 200 Flex

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Aero-naut LT 200 Flex
Aero-naut LT 200 Flex

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The LT 200 Flex can be built as a pure glider or an electric glider. You also have 3 options for the control system. Two axis control via elevator / rudder, a 3 axis with ailerons or as a full house glider with ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevator.

The kit is built up from balsa with the exception of the boom which is carbon composite. The fuselage pod is built up in layers and sanded to shape. The wings are built on the included jig and are a traditional balsa rib / spruce spar construction with fully sheeted wings. With the wings being fully sheeted you have the option to Not to use covering film to save weight, although we would recommend using at least one coat of water based polyurethane or similar to seal the wood from moisture.

As always Aero-naut kits are very well designed and use quality materials and components. The kit comes with a truly excellent manual; Downside, it's in German; Upside, the pictures are in English ;). If you get stuck and need to read the instructions, get the google translate app for your phone. Once in the app hold your phone up to the page you want to read, like you are taking a picture of it and it will convert German to the language you have selected in the app.

 Simple jigs are included with the kit that make assembly easy and accurate. This kit is suitable as a "next build" for young folks who already have some modeling experience, especially with a little help from the tall people.

Have a look at the videos below. They will give you a glimpse into the build process as well as the excellent flight performance of this uniquely designed aircraft. 

Span 1.9m (75in)
Length 1.1m (43in)
Weight 850g (30oz)
Wing Area 30.2dm2 (468sqin)
Wing Loading 28g/dm2 (1oz per 15.5sqin apprx)
Controls Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, Air Brakes, Throttle