Aero-naut Star A1 Free Flight Glider

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Aero-naut Star A1 Free Flight Glider
Aero-naut Star A1 Free Flight Glider

This one features a wing covered in tissue.


This is the Aero-naut Star A1 Free Flight Glider. It is intended to be launched from a light duty High Start or it can be hand towed. This model has been designed with a lightweight built up wing that is covered in tissue. Keeping the weight down improves performance.

What's the build like? Pretty straight forward. The manufacturer did not provide much in the way of pictures for this plane so I opened up a kit and spread out the the assembly drawing and took a picture that folks could look at to get a better idea of the kit contents. (see pics)

As always Aero-naut kits are very well designed, use quality materials and components and their instruction manuals are clear and concise. Many simple jigs are included with the kit that make assembly easy and accurate. This kit is simple enough to be attempted by young folks, but may need some help with the covering.

Wing Span 1.14m (44.8in)
Length 740mm (29.5in)
Flying Weight 200g (7oz)
Wing Area 15.1 dm (234.1ft2)
Wing Loading 13.2g/dm2 (4.3oz/ft2)