Aero-naut Triple RES 1.9m Electric / Glider

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Aero-naut Triple RES 1.9m Electric / Glider

Welcome to the Triple family of gliders. The Triples offer a wide range of performance via the swappable wings. They offer 3 different versions, the short winged speed version for zipping around the sky, an RES wing for thermal hunting, and the big winged Thermic version for ultimate thermal hunting with ailerons.

Each version is a wood kit you build, these are not ARFs. These are really NICE kits and are very well though out and they build into beautiful planes.

The 1.9m Aeronaut Triple RES features simple Rudder, Elevator and Spoiler controls, making it R.E.S competition legal. 


The kit comes with a truly excellent manual; Downside, it's in German. Here is a link to English instructions!

This kit is all wood; spruce spars, balsa and ply. The laser cutting is excellent. The Wing joiner is 6mm solid carbon rod with brass tube receivers in the wings. The airframe design is very good with puzzle style interlocking parts that speeds up the build process while greatly reducing the chances of assembling the aircraft parts incorrectly or distorted. All you really need for good results is a flat work surface.

Please take a look at the videos below. The construction video is for the Triple RES and allows you to see how the kit comes out of the box and also provides the prospective builder with a solid idea of how the kit is assembled. The other video presents the prospective pilot with an idea of the flight performance envelope of this very well designed aircraft.