AerobTec Altis Nano

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FAI Certified Recording & Competition Altimeter. Conforms to all existing competition rules (F5J, ALES, RCEV, etc.)

The Aerobtec Altis Nano, is a barometric altimeter designed specifically for recording the altitude of R/C aircraft. The Altis nano senses barometric pressure variations caused by altitude changes of the aircraft. The altitude is then calculated from pressure data and stored in the internal memory of the device.

The Altis has competition and telemetry functions, is very small physically and light weight. These functions are based on FAI rules for F5J, and Altitude limiting competitions such as ALES. The Altis Flight Manager software cannot only read the information from the device and save it to the computer in various formats but it can also display it in an advanced graph and process the flight information in multiple ways.

 A number of supportive downloads are available for this device, including the Flight Manager software, user manual, FAI certificates and more. They can be found on this page. We highly recommend reading the user manual as it contains vastly more information than would be efficient to add to this listing.

General Specifications:

  • Memory: 7.91MB (several days of record, logging altitude, voltage, temperature, throttle In/Out)
  • Sample time: 0.1 – 25.5s (user selectable in 0.1s steps)
  • Dimensions: 29 x 11.5 x 6.5mm
  • Cable length approx. 10cm
  • Weight: 6g with JR cable
  • Power supply range: 4 – 12.6V
  • Logging: altitude, voltage, temperature, throttle input and output
  • Conforms to all existing competition rules (FAI F5J, ALES, etc.)
  • Records multiple motor runs per flight
  • OLED display (configurable screen)
  • Telemetry support for
  • Jeti Duplex EX®, Multiplex® MSB, Graupner® Hott
  • Futaba® SBUS2, FrSky® S.Port with Telemetry Converter FF
  • Spektrum DMSS, Hitec HTS-SS with Telemetry Converter HS
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Altis Flight Manager software for Windows
AerobTec Altis Nano
AerobTec Altis Nano
AerobTec Altis Nano

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