Corsa 2.7 by Aeroic

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Corsa 2.7 by Aeroic
Corsa 2.7 by Aeroic
Corsa 2.7 by Aeroic
Corsa 2.7 by Aeroic
Corsa 2.7 by Aeroic
Corsa 2.7 by Aeroic
Corsa 2.7 by Aeroic
This is the most recent and fully refined Corsa, a 2.7 meter (108") glider designed by Dr James Hammond at Aeroic.

"The new Corsa features a stiffer fuselage with a larger hatch at the back to get to the servos, and new improved airfoils make it a bit more slippery; an optimized Sine Wave Spar; better strength to weight ratio with improved parts fitment and a greatly improved finish." JH

The new Corsa while an excellent all rounder is a bit more focused on speed and energy retention when compared to the slightly smaller Forza. The Corsa is very slippery with a sexy fuselage that is ultra small and curvy in all the right spots. The massive wing joiner carries the G's like a champ; yes it's still highly aerobatic thanks to generous flight surfaces and that refined wing planform. Snapping through turns and pulling straight up out of dives is simply a joy, as the acceleration, energy retention and tracking are all excellent.

The flight envelope is described as a fast "all rounder"; making good use of marginal lift on light days and displaying excellent energy retention when ballasted for high energy days. The Corsa sports a relatively high aspect ratio. This gives a good balance between all out speed and agility in turns but also distributes lift more evenly over the 2.7 meter wing. This improved lift distribution allows better performance when flying lower wing loading, while simultaneously providing increased tip stall resistance. 

The wings on all of Aeroic's models are the result of decades of model design and refinement, There is no other models with this planform or airfoils. And this refinement really shows in the performance.

The "sinusoidal" wave spar creates a very strong and torsional wing:

Think lower weight and higher mechanical stiffness, it's a win win.
The ailerons and flaps are top driven and bottom hinged allowing short, ie. stiff, pushrods between the servos and control surfaces. The servos for the rudder and elevator are located in the aft end of the fuse and are easier to install due to the larger servo hatch opening. All control surfaces are provided with wipers (gap seals). 
The Corsa is available in three layups, Light, Standard and the Super Sport. 
By now most slope soaring fans have heard of or actually seen the Aeroic Corsa 108 flying. Designed as an Allrounder to be fast and agile, yet easy to fly and land in a large variety of conditions, the "Sport" and "Super Sport" models are flown worldwide.

A natural extension of the Corsa "allrounder" genre, the all-new Corsa Light version is just the same as its two beefier brothers, but constructed with soaring in very light winds - maybe on slopes or hillsides with less lift potential in mind. Ideal for those summer evenings when the big lift has gone, the Corsa Light will still see you soaring when most of the other moulded models are on the ground.

To make the model lighter, using all our now quite extensive experience, the construction has been carefully calculated to be strong and amply reinforced where it's needed but sparing in weight where it's not; and the result is a lighter airframe but one that can still be ballasted to give sparkling Corsa 108 performance in brisk conditions.
  • Ailerons
  • Flaps
  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Wingspan: 2.7 m (108”)
  • Length: 1.22m (48.375")
  • Wing area: 41.5dm² (643.3Sq.”)
  • Center of gravity: 96 mm
  • Flight weight glider: 2.350 gr.
  • Airfoil: JH25-825 (8%)


  • Ailerons: KST X10 x2
  • Flaps: KST X10 x2
  • Elevator: KST HS08 
  • Rudder: KST HS08