ALiX FunFly Combat Wing by Causemann

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ALiX FunFly Combat Wing by Causemann
ALiX FunFly Combat Wing by Causemann
ALiX FunFly Combat Wing by Causemann

Like streamer combat?

The ALiX is a unique looking, inexpensive and fun R/C delta wing kit designed just for it! A low part count, all CNC milled white EPP foam construction makes for a quick build that is both robust, yet quick and easy to repair if need be.

On to flight characteristics, the ALiX can turn on a dime, roll like a drill, zoom along for fast paced streamer combat, yet calm down for messing around at your local park. Its design even allows for zero airspeed, pancake style landings.

Included are all precut EPP airframe parts as well as hardware such as spars, motor mount, linkages and control horns, there's even a little eyelet to attach your streamer to the tail. If you aren't convinced that the ALiX is the best choice for fast, fun air combat, check out this video of it in action:

Wingspan  546mm
Length 519mm
Estimated Flying Weight 250g depending on components used
Functions Motor, Elevons.

Setup Ideas

Mild: 2205 motor, 2300kv, 20A ESC, 2s LiPo 800 to 1,000 mAh, 7x4 prop

Wild: 2212 motor, 1400kv, 20A ESC, 3s LiPo 850 to 1,000 mAh, 7x6 prop