Avan Performance Propellers

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Emax's new 5 inch performance propellers.

Sold in sets of 5.

Hmm, these look suspiciously like the excellent, most groovy, propellers from Racecraft; Oh yea, that's because the Avans were designed by guru prop designer Sage Thayer who also designed for Racecraft, Furious and others. Sage designed the Avans to work specifically with Emax's 2306 motors. With that being said, we have found that they work equally as well on any motor that has enough torque to spin them.

The Avans come in two flavors, Race and Speed. The race props are 3 bladed for extra cornering grip, and the speed props have two blades for lower drag resulting higher top end speeds.


The Avans have excellent balance out of the bag, they have very good durability, are not brittle but not as bendy as some. That stiffness translates into the very precise feel that these propellers deliver. Punchouts and top speeds are excellent. The Avan R's are very grippy in the corners and have a very snappy response when called upon to perform silly quick maneuvers. The Avan S with its very aggressive blade profile is definitely worth a try if all out speed is your thing.

For those of you who are new to experimenting with the newer generations of aggressive propellers, keep an eye on your motor / esc temps and battery amp draw, as these propellers can be very demanding. Have Fun!

Sold in sets of 5. 10CW+10CCW= 20 propellers total.

Avan Performance Propellers
Avan Performance Propellers
Avan Performance Propellers
Avan Performance Propellers