Boomer 2 Meter Electric Thermal Ship

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Boomer 2 Meter Electric Thermal Ship
Boomer 2 Meter Electric Thermal Ship
Boomer 2 Meter Electric Thermal Ship
Boomer 2 Meter Electric Thermal Ship
Boomer 2 Meter Electric Thermal Ship

What is a Boomer? - The definition of a Boomer is a strong thermal that will carry your model so high you risk losing sight of it.

Build your Boomer kit light and you will be rewarded with an excellent aircraft that handles very well and will provide hours of motor-off soaring fun! Hopefully it will not go out of sight!

What we have here is old school vacuum bagged wings and tails, with pod and boom configuration. The wing layup consists of Blue foam cores, carbon spars and Kevlar / Carbon fabric on a 45° bias. The wings have excellent torsional rigidity.

The rudder and elevators are simple glass over foam affairs with carbon spars and Kevlar live hinges. Control horns are pre-installed on both.

The fuselage pod is constructed of mainly Kevlar with carbon reinforcements and a carbon canopy. The wing saddle T-nuts are pre-installed. The tail boom is constructed of uni-directional carbon it is cut to finished length and has the slot cut for the rudder and pre-installed aluminum inserts for the elevator screws. 

Click Here for a link to the Instruction manual. Perusing the manual will help the prospective builder in understanding what is required to build out a Boomer. (Please note, these instructions are a bit basic. After you glue the wings with the use of the plastic jig, remove the plastic jig.)

The overall quality of the Boomer is what we would say is decent. They are not a super high cosmetic quality model, but we think you will be very pleased with the performance and the price. 

Parts weight on these aircraft is approximately 353 grams.

  • Wingspan: 2 meters
  • Length: 1130mm
  • Spinner: 32mm
This is the last batch of Boomers we will be able to get; when they are gone they are gone.