Carbon Falcon Pilot Kit (Bob)

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Need a pilot to fly your Carbon Falcon? We have just the guy for you. Meet Bob!

Bob is a seasoned veteran of the hang glider scene, he has seen and and done it all. He has his H-5 rating, so he is good to go with all sorts of acrobatics and skills. His preferred airframe is the Carbon Falcon. 

You might say that Bob has a magnetic personality. (Technically a pair of .25" x .25" x .1" magnets that allow bob to break away should a belly landing be required.) Bob tells us this is one of his great strengths as it avoids damage to himself or the Carbon Falcon.

And like all good hang glider pilots, Bob has been on a strict diet to keep his weight down to a minimum so he does not alter the great handling of your Carbon Falcon. You might say that Bob is just a tiny profile of himself.

Bob would like us to inform you that he is very easy to get along with, almost as if he was designed to be very easy to install. And thanks to his experiences, is also very capable of dealing with mishaps.

Bob comes from a long line of pilots that are highly trained by the University of 3D Printing. I guess you could say they start with a crash course of flight training and only the best graduate.

Bob tells us he is happy to wear any uniforms you like, simply color or paint him up as you like.

Bob comes with all of the needed gear to allow him to fly your Carbon Flacon. He has his own control bar, magnets, and frame mount as well as Bob himself. He arrives at your location flat, and he will require a couple of drops of glue for Bob and a couple of drops of glue for the magnets. 

We think the Carbon Falcon really looks great with Bob hanging under it. Bob thinks he looks great with a Carbon Flacon above himself. It is a perfect match!

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Carbon Falcon Pilot Kit (Bob)
Carbon Falcon Pilot Kit (Bob)