CN Models Universal Spinners (30 and 32mm)

CN Models Universal Spinners (30 and 32mm)
CN Models Universal Spinners (30 and 32mm)

Reduce frontal drag with these high performance spinners.

Available in two yoke widths. The standard CN yoke is 28.5mm between pin centers; The CN-Pro yoke is narrower at 24mm between pin centers.

With the Universal design on these, they now share collets between the sizes.

The design and manufacturing of these spinners is the best we have seen. Very impressive.

This is a compact spinner assembly for electric gliders with narrow fuselages. (blades not included)


Intended for electric gliders with very narrow fuselages. The discerning builder who is looking to reduce glide drag to the absolute minimum. The lower drag profile is achieved by utilizing an offset yoke design that allows the propeller blades to fold closer to the fuselage than is possible with a straight yoke.


We stock these spinners in 30 and 32mm diameters and collet sizes from 3mm and 6mm. Just order your needed collet size from the list. Spinner is priced without the collet, so be sure to add the collet size you need to fit your motor shaft.

The yokes and collets are CNC machined from aluminum and anodized. The propeller retaining pins are steel and are held in place by the spinner nose cone. The spinner nose cone is fabricated from fiberglass impregnated nylon and is substantial.

It may be required to fit the blades to the spinner, ie. removal of a small amount of the cone material and or shoulder of the props to allow friction free, full range motion.

Distance Between Pins 28.5mm / 24mm (CN-Pro)
Pin Diameter 3mm
Blade Tilt Angle
Weight 14.5 grams +/- depending
on collet size

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