Corrosion X for Guns

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Waterproof your aircraft's sensitive bits. Now in a more convenient sized squeeze bottle.

Corrosion X has been a "go to" in the RC world for a number of years now. If your going to fly in adverse conditions such as rain or snow or you are flying seaplanes etc., you need to protect your electronics from the damaging effects of water. Servos, ESC's, receivers and more can be protected even from direct immersion in water with Corrosion X. Many a seaplane that have flipped over on landing were able to be gently coaxed back to land by running the propeller at low speed. The chances of you being able to do that without moisture protection on your electronics are pretty slim.

Corrosion X can be applied in a number of different ways, which mostly boils down to personal preference in the end. We are now selling Corrosion X in a handy squeeze bottle instead of an aerosol can or spray bottle. This allows you to use the precision nozzle to get it into those hard to reach areas.

Two application methods stand out over the others. First, is using a small artist's paintbrush to paint corrosion X onto PC boards, servo cases, plugs and or sockets which are mounted on a PC board. The second method is to simply submerge your electronic parts directly into Corrosion X for a few minutes and then allow the excess to drip off. This second method is probably the most effective way to guarantee complete coverage. 

Corrosion X leaves behind an oily film, which does not dry. This film is how Corrosion X protects PC boards. If you desire a dry film protective coating, look into our Silicone Modified Conformal Coating. Corrosion X needs to be periodically reapplied depending on your circumstances. Corrosion X does NOT provide adequate protection from exposure to salt water. 

Corrosion X for Guns

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