CP Laminating Film - 10 Mil x 18"

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Laminating film, or 'New Stuff', is the best covering film for your EPO and EPP planes. Easy to use, cheap, and tough!

Enjoy a stronger and tougher plane! - The name 'New Stuff' came about when the first people that started experimenting with laminating film on their planes. They simply refereed to it as the New Stuff. Word got around that this 'new stuff' really made a plane perform, and made it much more crash resistant.

Often times we will build an EPP plane without any spars and no tape as we know the New Stuff will result in a very strong and very clean structure. (We do recommend bidirectional fiber tape for combat planes.) Thanks to the tough and flat surface of the film, most planes will enjoy a more accurate airfoil that will perform better.

We like the 5 mil for most normal projects, and the 10 mil for heavy planes where we are not as concerned about weight, or need a super tough skin. (Want to do touch and goes without landing gear?) 5 mil can be worked around curves a bit, but 10 mil does not like compound curves at all.

New Stuff is flat opaque on one side, that is the adhesive. To apply, you iron it on, but it is a little different then other iron on films. New Stuff has a very low shrink ratio, so you no longer need to tack the edges and work your way into the center. Just the opposite, take an iron that is about 220F (hot enough to boil a drop of water on the face of the iron) and start from the center and work out towards the edges. No need to pull the film tight, just remove any ripples and iron it down. As heat is applied, the adhesive will activate and the film will turn crystal clear. Since the film hardy shrinks, no more twisted and tweaked airframes! Most people find New stuff much easier to apply than traditional films.

Sold by the linear foot. (30 cm)

CP Laminating Film - 10 Mil x 18"