Dualsky FC151 - 3D Stabilizer

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A simple to use 3-axis flight stabilizer for 3D planes. Make your 3D flights much easier with this gyro making small FAST corrections for you.

Get ready for three levels of stabilization! 

Stabilizers are great! They make small planes feel larger, they compensate for bumpy air, tame aircraft that have "character" and are super helpful for beginner pilots. 

This flight stabilizer is very well regarded, but it has a dirty little secret. It has been sold under many brand names; including Futaba. Yep, this is the same controller as the $80 GYA460. If Futaba is willing to put their name on it you can rest assured it's good.

Let's move forward by investigating the three selectable flight modes.

Beginner Mode

Beginner mode helps the new pilot get a feel for RC flight by a acting as a quasi, electronic flight instructor. This "flight instructor" helps the new pilot maintain control by limiting the aircraft's maximum pitch and roll angles while simultaneously providing automatic, return to level flight, when the pilot lets the sticks return to center.

Intermediate Mode:

In intermediate mode the pilot can utilize unlimited pitch and roll angles to practice advanced maneuvers while the gyro stabilizes the plane's flight path against bumpy air and maintains laser like directional stability. 

Gyro Off mode: The pilot has 100% full control / no help from the stabilizer.


  • Utilizes MEMS single chip, gyroscope / accelerometer
  • 32 bit ARM MCU processor
  • The three flight modes can be controlled via Tx
  • Supports 3D Aerobatics
  • The sensitivity of each channel can be set independently of the others
  • Supports single or double servo ailerons, flying wings and V-tails
  • Supports flaperon mixing
  • Is SBUS compatible Futaba/FrSky
Dualsky FC151 - 3D Stabilizer
Dualsky FC151 - 3D Stabilizer

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