Dualsky Lipo Receiver Pack 800mAh 7.4V

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Lipo receiver battery. 

Designed for use in aircraft that use a separate battery instead of a BEC, to power the receiver and servos and any other accoutrements in a particular aircraft. 

This battery has a JR style male supply (output) plug as well as a balance plug for charging.

Most powered rc aircraft supply electricity to the receiver and servos via a BEC (battery eliminator circuit). If for some reason the BEC fails the pilot not only loses thrust but in many instances the BEC shuts down as well and the plane crashes due to loss of control. Redundancy can be added by powering the control system via a separate battery.

  • Great for gliders
  • Use to power redundant control system in larger aircraft
  • Use to power optional accessories (lights, sound effects, video equipment etc.)
Capacity mAh 800
Voltage 7.4V nominal
No. of Cells 2s
Weight 40grams (1.4oz)
Dimensions 65x25x12mm (2.5x.98x.47in)
Max Cont. Discharge 20c
Max Charge Rate 2c
Dualsky Lipo Receiver Pack 800mAh 7.4V
Dualsky Lipo Receiver Pack 800mAh 7.4V