Dualsky XM3045EG-8 1250kv

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These motors have all the benefits of an Outrunner, but with no spinning bell to wrap your wires in! Great for crowded glider fuselages.

Dualsky's EG Capsulated series of electric glider motors offer the great torque and cooling efficiency of out-runner brushless motor technology, but with a twist: the spinning outer bell is enclosed in an aluminum housing. This prevents anything in your glider's fuselage from being abraded by it, which could end up destroying a perfectly good airplane and your wallet. Speaking of your wallet, the EG Capsulated series motors are a more affordable option than high end in-runners. The EG's are also a good choice for those with limited room in their R/C gliders.

The motor leads come straight from the back of the motor, making for an easy installation so no more bending your motor leads backwards to fit. They are fitted with three high quality ball bearings on which ride a tough, virtually unbreakable hollow 5mm shaft; making these motors better able to take hard landings and keep on going. Need to do some maintenance? The entire motor comes apart with the removal of a C-clip and few screws at the rear. We think these impressive motors will power you ahead of the competition!

See below for motor specifications:

Dualsky XM3045EG-8 1250kv
Dualsky XM3045EG-8 1250kv

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