DYS SE1806 kv2300

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DYS SE1806 kv2300 is a thoroughbred motor designed for abuse and high power to weight ratio. Aloft Hobbies has them specially made for use in a number of small aircraft like our Silly Stick. We have found these motors to be very tough and very reliable and can power anything from a small trainer to a small race plane depending on battery and prop combination.

This motor features, tough hollow shaft, NMB ball bearings, N52 neodymium magnets, 0.2mm thick stator laminations and 600 grams of thrust using a 4 inch propeller.


  • KV 2300
  • Stator Diameter: 18mm
  • Stator Length: 6mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 23x17.5mm
  • Weight: 23g
  • Cell Count: 3-4s
  • Max Continuous Amperage: 18.6A
  • Max  Continuous Wattage: 312W
  • Internal Resistance: 0.10Ω

Suggested Setup for the Aloft Hobbies Silly Stick and similar models:

High Performance Setup
Prop: 8.5 x 4
Batery: 2s 1000mAh 20C
Estimated Max Amps: 15.68
Estimated Max Watts: 114
Estimated Thrust: 489g (17.2oz) 2.22:1 Thrust to Weight
Estimated Motor Run Time: 3.3 min at WOT, 9 min Mixed

Trainer Setup
Prop: 6x3
Battery: 2s 1000mAh 20C
Estimated Max Amps: 7.3
Estimated Max Watts: 55
Estimated Thrust: 311g (11oz) 1.4:1 Thrust to Weight
Estimated Motor Run Time: 7.0 min at WOT, 14 min Mixed

For other applications, maximum power can be reached with a small prop and a 4S battery. If you would like help selecting the right setup for your application, please contact us and tell us a bit about your application and we should be able to calculate an excellent combination for you.

DYS SE1806 kv2300
DYS SE1806 kv2300
DYS SE1806 kv2300

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