EPF Mercury 74mm EDF 10 Blade 2200kv-3000kv

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These high power, well developed and elegant EDF units will make your next ducted fan perform!

Take a moment and study the photos, these EDF units are works of art! They look great just sitting on my desk, it is almost a shame to hide them inside a model, but we expect more than good looks from our ducted fans, and these have the performance and sound you want!


From EPF Hobby's 3 years of research and development comes the Mercury series of Electric Ducted Fans. Entirely constructed from CNC machined, high tensile strength aluminum alloy. They are static and dynamically balanced at the factory, they'll amaze you with their turbine like sound and performance. 

Unlike other EDFs where the impeller is mounted onto the motor shaft, the Mercury series has an integrated impeller, right on the bell of the motor, which is supported in 3 positions by high quality ball bearings. As the construction is all metal, cooling couldn't be better as the entire fan is a heat sink. A great feature is an integral cooling fan which will fully cool the motor in 15-20 seconds of half throttle operation. 



Need to do some maintenance? No problem! The tailcone, nozzle and nose cone screw on and off for easy access to all components and all replacement parts are available.


Included with the fan are mounting hardware and a brief instruction manual.

Key Features:

  • Integral cooling fan
  • 60,000 RPM dynamically balanced
  • Precision CNC machined parts
  • Wide inlet for maximum airflow
  • 10 blades for jet like sound

Included with the fan are mounting hardware and a brief instruction manual.

Motor 32mm 2200KV/3000KV
Fan Diameter 74mm
Max Voltage 2200KV: 6s (22.2V)
3000KV: 4s (14.8V)
Max Current 2200KV: 60A 
3000KV: 68A
Max Watts 2200KV: 1420 watts 
3000KV: 1110 watts
Thrust 2200KV: 2.2kg Max
3000KV: 2.0kg Max
Recommended ESC 80-100A
Weight 264g
EPF Mercury 74mm EDF 10 Blade 2200kv-3000kv