f-SST 48 Slope Glider

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A faster version of Fancy Foams SST

This aerobatic wing was designed as a heavier version of the light weight SST glider. The f-SST utilizes a heavier, more robust foam, thicker covering, stiffer spars as well as spar tubes for the elevons to create a faster, stiffer wing.

The airfoil remains symmetrical for great inverted and aerobatic performance. The plan form was specifically designed for higher performance and stability.

If your slope tends to have higher winds, then the f-SST is probably the better option for you. Or maybe you like to tangle with other wings from time to time, then the f-SST is much better than the light weight SST. She is pretty quick and still very aerobatic. Not really a full blown combat ship, for that consider the even bigger brother, the Mega SST.

As always, Mike at Fancy foam does a great job with these kits, he really knows what he is doing and you get great cores and materials with his kits.

Kit comes with:

2 CNC cut EPP wing cores.

Elevons are cut and beveled.

EPP vertical wing tips.

Carbon spars and push rods.

12' of 5mil Laminating film covering.

Instructions can be found here.

Wingspan 48"
Wing Area 522 square inches
Flying Weight 18oz
Controls Aileron/Elevator (Elevon)
Construction EPP Foam
Recommended Setup
  • Recommended CG is 9-1/2" from the nose.
  • Flying weight is approximately 18oz.
  •  Electronics: 4ch receiver (2) 9gram servos 1000mAh AAA 4.8V NiMh or 2s 700-1000mAh LiPo
f-SST 48 Slope Glider
f-SST 48 Slope Glider
f-SST 48 Slope Glider
f-SST 48 Slope Glider
f-SST 48 Slope Glider
f-SST 48 Slope Glider

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