Falko Antique Glider Kit by Aeronaut

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Falko Antique Glider Kit by Aeronaut
Falko Antique Glider Kit by Aeronaut
Falko Antique Glider Kit by Aeronaut
Falko Antique Glider Kit by Aeronaut

The Falko has the elegant lines and planforms of aircraft from the golden age of aviation.

The Falko can be flown unpowered or powered. Iv'e heard it is a fun model on the slope in light to moderate winds. There is a power pod kit for this aircraft if you decide to go the powered route. That can be found Here.

This video of a powered Falco will give you an idea of the Falco's flight characteristics.


The Falco is laser cut from balsa; the kit has been designed so the parts interlock during the assembly process, like a 3D puzzle. This self jigging attribute makes it easier to build the model. The build manual, unfortunately, is written in German; the pictures however are in English ;). The build manual is so heavily 3D illustrated you don't need to be able to read the instructions to understand what they are telling you. In addition all the kit parts are numbered and can be referenced in the build manual. If you get stuck and need to read the instructions, get the google translate app for your phone.

This kit is all wood; spruce spars, balsa and ply. The laser cutting is excellent.  The airframe design is very good with puzzle style interlocking parts that speeds up the build process while greatly reducing the chances of assembling the aircraft parts incorrectly or distorted. All you really need for good results is a flat work surface.

Note: We also stock the Falco Drive package!

Wingspan 1,780mm / 70in
Length 1,220mm / 48in
Weight Unpowered 1000g / 35.2oz
Weight Powered Approx. 1200g / 42.3oz
Surface Area 28dm2 / 434sq in.
Wing Loading 35.7g-dm2 / 3.84oz-sq ft
Controls Ailerons, Rudder, Elevator