Fen 1.5m Hand Launch Glider

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Fen 1.5m Hand Launch Glider
Fen 1.5m Hand Launch Glider
Fen 1.5m Hand Launch Glider

The Fen by Blejzyk is a high quality plane with a polyhedral wing and a very relaxing and smooth flight character.

The Fen is another great model from Blejzyk. A relaxing design with a versatile 60" wing. Like most of the Blejzyk line, the Fen features an efficient airfoil that guarantees excellent flight character in both light and moderate lift conditions.

All Blejzyk kits feature beautifully sheeted and fully shaped and sanded wings and tails. Beneath the wood sheeting you will find a sandwich of foam cores and a layer of fiberglass for added strength in key areas. The epoxy fiberglass fuselages also get the full treatment, they are very well made with an eye towards strength and keeping weight down. Carbon tow has been added in high stress areas. We like that Blejzyk has given us room for radio gear and ballast or motor/batteries, but still slender and sleek. The Fen feature a slip on nose cone for a very easy radio access.

The Fen features the efficient HN1033 airfoil, V-tail, and a light but tough layup on the fuselage.

The wood work on these kits is pure artwork! Beautiful wood grain and smooth finishes. Everyone that examines the wings are impressed.

Kit Contents:

  • Epoxy Fiberglass Fuselage
  • Inner Nose/radio tray
  • Slip-on Nose Cone
  • Pre-hinged V-tail Stabilizer & mount
  • Black Poplar Sheeted Foam Core Wing sections are Fully Sanded
  • and Hardware Pack to complete the plane.