Frontside 60 (F60)

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Frontside 60 (F60)
Frontside 60 (F60)
Frontside 60 (F60)
Frontside 60 (F60)

Frontside Dynamic 60″

We started the Frontside project with the Dynamic 40. We saw a lot of folks flying the little Dynamic 40 on the frontside. People loved them for their energy, easy to transport size, and tough as nails nature.

At Aloft we could not help but wonder about making the D40 a more capable plane for the frontside pilots. So we made a few changes to the layup reducing the overall weight, and made all of the flight surfaces a little bigger. We wanted a plane that was a little more acrobatic and bigger flaps would make landing even better. 

We sent the prototype off to our tame test pilot (Tebo) for some testing, and we were amazed that not only did it fly better, but it was still capable for the same blistering DS speeds. Over night it became very popular.

Well, it was not long before folks asked us to do the same thing for the D60. Again we were unsure of this formula, the little 40 is one thing, but the 60 is a little more of a focused speed beast, would it make sense? Flight testing and customer support tells us a very clear YES. 

Does the F60 replace the D60? In our mind they do not. The Dynamic versions of the 40 and 60 are the better choice for chasing top DS speeds. The smaller surfaces are less prone to flutter at speed, etc. While the Frontsides have shown they can still turn great speeds, the larger surfaces need perfectly tight linkages to all surfaces to avoid flutter risk. The Dynamics are more forgiving and probably a little stronger for pure speed.

Differences between a D60 and an F60:

  • Lighter layup on the F60 using spread tow carbon fabrics allows the F60 to fly in a little lighter lift.
  • Larger flight surfaces for improved acro and easier landing.
  • That's it!
  • These are still a tough as nails.
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