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 The Glider Timer-Pro can manage full size F5J competitions. The GliderTimer (mini) and the GliderKeeper do the time keeping and upload the results. No more transcription errors, delays or distracted timekeepers.

Here's a link to the user manual.

GliderTimer-Pro works in conjunction with the GliderScore app. Physically the GliderTimer-Pro is an expansion unit for the GliderTimer. It features an MP3 player with an output jack for connecting to the contest PA system, a bigger battery (1000mAh) and a DC power filter circuit.

The GliderTimer-Pro system utilizes the GKSync+ system and that allows all GliderTimers to run at UTC time precisely. During a contest The GliderTimer-Pro makes all of the announcements through the contest PA system for both launching and landing events. Upon landing the individual competing  GliderKeepers transmit their data to the GliderTimer-Pro, which in turn uploads the contest data into the GliderScore app.

Below is diagram and list of the ports on the GliderTimer-Pro.

  1. 12C Port
  2. Serial Communication: Field Display Panel Terminals
  3. USB Charging Port
  4. Power / Reset button
  5. Master Power Switch
  6. DC input Hx10 (3s batt balance)
  7. Micro SD Card Slot
  8. Local 3W Speaker Output Terminal
  9. DC Input Jack 5.5mm (outside barrel is ground)
  10. 3.5mm Stereo Minijack Output for PA System
  11. Control Buttons
    • Dimensions: 228x135x54
    • Weight: 155g
    • Power Supply: 5.2 - 40Vdc (both Inputs) plus a 5V USB C charger. 
    • Current Consumption: Approx 200mAh
    • Battery: 1000mAh 1s LiPo
    • Speaker: (external, not supplied) 3 Watts Output
    • Screen: 320x240 RGB TFT
    • Memory Storage: One classification and one Flyoff (mode PRO) competitions. 16GB micro SD card supplied for speech and background sound.
    • Panels Supported: Direct 12C, TTL Serial 9600 / 1920 baud rate, Standard or Extended Protocol.
    • WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n WPA/2
    Electrical Connectors:
      • Panel: 15EDG 2.54mm x 4 pins
      • Speaker: 15EDG 2.54mm x 2 pins
      • Top DC in: XHB 2.54mm x 4 pins
      • Side DC in: 5.5x2.1 DC Jack (outer barrel is Neg / Ground)
      • PA Out: 3.5mm stereo minijack

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