Gnats VTOL by Fancy Foam

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Gnats VTOL by Fancy Foam
Gnats VTOL by Fancy Foam
Gnats VTOL by Fancy Foam
Gnats VTOL by Fancy Foam
Gnats VTOL by Fancy Foam

What else can I say, the Gnat is just one of those super fun planes to fly, bar none. 

Slow flight combined with the ability to take off and land vertically allows the Gnat to be flown in places you couldn't fly most RC aircraft; like in your back yard or a large gymnasium. The construction of the Gnat is simple and the plane is fabricated from EPP foam making it very durable. The simplicity of the design also makes it easy repair.

The Gnats flight characteristics can be likened to a lightweight 3D plane. Slow flying but very maneuverable.When balanced and trimmed well it will lock into a nice high alpha flight and will also hover hands free. Intermediate flying skills are recommended. 

Here's a fun video.

Building instructions can be found here.

Kit includes the cut foam parts with control surface bevels finished as well as a hardware pack containing the stiffeners, push rods, control horns and a motor mount.

This aircraft requires a 5 channel radio system minimum, that is capable of delta mixing.

More general information as well as radio programming can be found here.

  • 23 inches (58.4cm) tall w/o motor
  • Wing span is 22.75 (57.7cm) 

This is a bare kit, no electronics are included, but don't worry we have recommended setup for this very fun model! Estimated build time is about 3 nights for the average builder, most of the time is waiting for glue to cure.